Tuesday, May 01, 2007

LCPL's Learning 2.o Program
"All 23 Things"

Staff are encouraged to complete all 23 things on this list by June 6th in order to receive a RCA Flash Memory MP3 Player. You have the option of receiving your MP3 player now or waiting until Staff Development Day on June 15th. If you would like to receive it now you will have to send Stephanie Lopez a email stating so. Otherwise you will receive it on June 15th.

The 23 Things:

LCPL's Learning 2.0 START UP!
Thing 1: Discovery has never been so much fun
Thing 2: Lifelong Learning & L2
Thing 3: Grab yourself a blog in 3 steps
Thing 4: Register your blog and join the party ...
Thing 5: Discover Flickr
Thing 6: More Flickr Fun
Thing 7: Blog about Technology
Thing 8: Make life "really simple" with RSS & a newsreader
Thing 9: Finding Feeds
Thing 10: Play around with Image Generators
Thing 11: A thing about LibraryThing
Thing 12: Roll your own search engine
Thing 13: Tagging, folksomonies & social bookmarking in Del.icio.us
Thing 14: Getting not-so-technical with Technorati
Thing 15: On Library 2.0 & Web 2.0 ...
Thing 16: So what’s in a wiki?
Thing 17: Playing around with PBWiki
Thing 18: Web-based Apps: They're not just for desktops
Thing 19: Discovering Web 2.0 tools
Thing 20: You too can YouTube
Thing 21: Podcasts, Smodcasts!
Thing 22: Audiobooks (or "The end is near")
Thing 23: Is this really the end? Or just the beginning ...


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