Monday, February 26, 2007

Thing 17: Playing around with PBWiki

"Sandbox" is the term that wikis often use to describe the area of the website that should be used for pure play. For this discovery and exploration exercise, we’ve set up a whole Learning 2.0 Favorites wiki* that’s for nothing but play!

For this “explore-and-play-with-wikis” exercise, you are asked to add an entry or two to the PBwiki Learning 2.0 wiki. The theme of this wiki is simply “Favorites” : Favorite books, favorite vacation spots, favorite restaurants, favorite anything …all you need to do is play and add your thoughts. To mark your adventure on this site, you should add your blog to the Favorite Blogs page.
Discovery Resources:

Discovery Exercise:

  1. Access the PLCMC Learning 2.0 wiki and create a login account for yourself.

  2. Add your blog to the Favorite Blogs page. That's how we'll know that you've been there. It’s easy to do if you follow this simple syntax:
[ URL Title of blog]

[ Learning 2.0 ]

With brackets [ ] and just a little typing, you’ve added a link - yup, it’s as easy as that!

OPTIONAL: Add a favorite or two to a few other pages (Favorite books, favorite vacation spot, etc). And, if you feel up to the challenge, you might even want to create a separate page for book review or short travel essay and link up to that.

3. Create a post in your blog about the experience.


Marcie said...

The PLCMC page on style may be helpful. Scroll down to the links section...

Enna Eel said...

Posting your link (more instructions):
1. start at
2. click Edit page button at the top of the page.
3. Find the LCPL section at bottom and find the end of the list
4. hit enter (you'll see a bullet appear)
5. click on Link in toolbar (pop up box appears)
6. under Link Type choose URL
7. Put your URL in URL box and title of blog in Link text
8. click OK
9. click Save button
10. Voila! Check to see that your link is in red and underlined. Test the link.

Bamagirl said...

Thanks, Enna! It really IS as easy as making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich!! Bamagirl :-)

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