Wednesday, November 29, 2006

List of Participants

Once we get started listed below will be the registered participants for the Learning 2.0 program. For the purposes of this program, only the blog names will be listed here. Staff may choose to reveal or conceal their identity themselves as they wish through their blogs.

All Roads Lead To . . .
A Wandering Minstrel Eye
Aesops Girl
Appalachian Infosphere
Argonaut 15
Blog 4 Virginia
Blue Ridge Reader
Brad Fan
Camp Cascades
Cats meow
CH @ Lov
Cin Hal
Cindy at Admin
Coffee Often
Cogs in Cogs
Daily CommonTerry
Deb Cascades
Devi's Blog
Discoveries 2-0
Doug Thinking
E Lemelin
Exploding Poptart
Flying Mousetrap
Fuzzy Dimes
Gator Gal Swamp Tromp
Giraffe Stretch
Go Ahead, Jump!
Guinea Pig Fancy
Hose Jocky
Hot Jungle
Kailua Bound
Kathy’s Books
Library Chic Geek
Library Happy Hour
Library Web Stuff
Life Time Reader
Loom Lady
Lost at Sea
Lost in trans
Lotta Collies
Marcie's Page
Mason Yang
Max 'n Louie
MB's Blog
Mdog says
Meerkat's Road Food
Metro Gal
MP Stories
Munchkin Chronicles
Music and Such..
My "I can't think of a clever title" blog
My Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Blog
Mystic Emerald Isle
Nick is a blogging
Oh, the places you'll go, Kitty White
One Rhyme at a Time
Pepys' Red Hot Poker
Phoebe's Place
Plus 5 vs apathy
Polonius Questions
Purple Librarian
Radio Hedge
Rain Drops-on
Regency Reader
Sea Cascades
Spam on Toast
Sterling 1971
Strange and wonderful world of Librarianship
The evening sky
The Friends of Montaigne
The Great Ragu
Tilting At Windmills
Today’s Show is Sponsored by the Number 23
Top Cat Sue
Wennie's Wikiz
Wind River Raven
Zoe Doodle


Anonymous said...

A couple of comments: "Sea Cascades" link doesn't work. Also, can the blogs be listed in alphabetical order so when the list gets long we can find them? Thanks!! This is fun!

Anonymous said...

Step one and I'm totally lost

Anonymous said...

Hey, to "totally lost": ask someone in your branch/office for help!

Nankipoo said...

I set up a blog, but I'm not listed as a participant. How do I officially register?

LCPL Learning 2.0 said...

Once you have your blog set up you will need to email the link to

Anonymous said...

"ask someone in your branch/office for help"

A good idea -- but I've found that a lot of my coworkers are just as confused as I am. While I agree that Totally Lost should ask coworkers for help, there have been times when I've been confused, too and could really have benefited from help from other bloggers.

Just my two cents, for whatever they're worth :)

Anonymous said...

Ask me, I'm omnicient.

slowly worm said...

How often do you update this list?

LCPL Learning 2.0 said...

I update this list daily. When someone sends me their blogger URL I post it. If you don't send your URL to me then it won't get posted.