Thursday, December 21, 2006

Thing 4: Register your blog and join the party ...

If you’ve made it this far, you already have three items or “things” completed of the twenty three that are required to earn the RCA Flash Memory MP3 Player.

But how do you qualify? Good question! By registering your blog and recording your progress on each of the 23 things. For the sake of simplifying this process for LCPL staff involved, you will use the LCPL L2-Log that has been created on the LCPL G Drive.

Starting with Thing #5, you also need to include the URL for the permanent link to each of your blog posts that capture your thoughts, comments or findings about your discovery process. And depending upon the Blogger template that you selected, the permanent link for each individual posts can be found either through the post’s title or through a link in the posts footer area the contains the date.

Example: Here is where you would find the perma link for this sample blog post:

Click on this link to see actual post.

If you click on the permanent link for an individual post, you will be taken to its page. This is the link that you want to use when recording your progress in the L2 Log. And to make recording easy, I would suggest that you make a habit of recording your progress weekly.

Once you are at LCPL G Drive click on the LCPL L2-Log database. Then click on forms, LCPL L2-Log. Once the form has opened hit the Ctrl & F key, type your last name in the find window and press enter. For task 1, 2, and 3 please mark a "X" for each.For task 4 please enter the URL to your blog.

So, here’s to Thing #4 – why not hop on over to now and record your first 4 items on this discovery quest. It’s really that easy and just think, now there’s only 19 more things to go. :)

PS: If you’re not LCPL staff member, you can follow along as well. Just use the list found at 43 Things to record your progress. You'll need to create a 43 Things account first. Alas, I’m sorry that I can’t include any RCA Flash Memory MP3 Player for incentives. For you, I hope just the fun of following along is enough. :)


Anonymous said...

I had some trouble copying my PURL for Thing 5. Everytime I tried, it simply came up regular text, and didn't copy the link over. I eventually had to open up the link in a different window and copy the PURL from the address bar. Is anyone else having trouble with this, or is this an issue with my technological incompetence?

Marcie said...

Where did you copy it from the first time? I copied from the address bar and pasted that into the Access file. It may not be an active link in Access, but having the URL as text should be fine, I would think.

Anonymous said...

was added to the staff in May, but now I'd like to do the 23 Things. My name was not in the data base for recording progress. Should I simply add my name at the end of the main table, or is there a process I should go through to get registered for doing 23 things?

Sondra Eklund